Welcome to the factory

Our technology is available to all business or artists who want a full custom service.

How does the factory work?

Register as a Pro content publisher

Register yourself or your company as the owner or legal holder of the publication rights of your content to be published with mocomics technology.

Once you are registered

You can upload your selection of art, story telling pages to be converted to Waoow format. You select either to send us a TEST or your whole work package with your requirements. You should send us a minimum of 5 artwork pages to ensure we can do a valid test.

Important note : mobify is a high definition story telling technology service for all mobile devices. The service works based on HD files only.

Send to the factory

Please prepare Your files according to the instruction below.

Zip file prefered. Please include a text file with your project’s technical description e.g. number of pages, type of file – Photoshop, Illustrator, number of layers per page (trace, color, effects, etc)

Monitor Your Factory Project

Download the Waoow Comics APP here we will make previews available for you as well as your final deliverables.

The Factory team will directly inform you via your contact information about your project status. The information will also be available in your personal space..

The Factory Pricing

We have established reference prices to facilitate a first estimate of the costs that your project could represent, based on your storytelling, the number of boxes, the type of drawing, the amount of text, etc. Your project is a variant of one of the reference rate.

The cost of your project is a reduced or increased variant of one of the reference rates. If your project does not correspond to any of these references, then we will give you a personalized estimate

Manga type

Simple type format

From $ 34 / Board

US Comics type

Medium type format

From $ 43 / Board

Graphic Novel type

Complex type format

From $ 49 / Board

We are not yet robots, we are real humans!

So for any problem send us a mail here : PRODUCTION@MOCOMICS.COM or contact us via our Facebook page chat.

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